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Project AFDLite

This project was born from the idea to have something like SharpDevelop (for CSharp) for  Delphi.Net, i.e. a development environment for (small) Delphi.Net programs.

Now the program grew to a 'Mini-IDE'  for Oxygene (Delphi Prism) and CSharp programs which offers integrated Syntaxhighlighting, simple Intellisense, an Debugger, an Windows-Forms-Designer and an (pseudo-)  XAML Designer (of course a bit more uncomfortable and different from what you know from the big IDE's).
But it has some special features which you won't find in other IDE's like the ability to extract Windows Forms from Assemblies, to create multi-language programs without having to use satellite assemblies, a Compact Framework Designerfilter and native exports (new).
Also new is the possibility to create and debug WinRT (Metro/Store) Apps. (Requires installed Visual Studio Express and also the appropriate Oxygene installation).
It is also possible to build Mono applications from within Windows.
A rudimentary support is given for Java and Android program creation with Oxygene for Java from within Windows.
The program requires at least .Net 4.0 to run.

 The CSharp-compiler is freely available with the DotNet framework while the free Oxygene-compiler (Object Pascal) is available here: http://www.remobjects.com/downloads.aspx
Comments / Hints / Suggestions... to Andreas.Flucke@t-online.de